Saturday, 8. May 2021

About us

Friis Kinnisvara was established in 1999 and it has become one of the largest real estate agencies in Tartu. 

We provide services in two fields: property management and real estate brokerage.


Real estate brokerage

The following facts characterize the real estate brokerage services provided by us:

* we have completed more than 2500 real estate transactions since 1999
* we have gained many long-term clients
* we have an extensive database of potential purchasers
* we are experienced in the sale of development projects
* we have more than 400 real estate objects constantly on offer
* we permanently employ more than 10 brokers
* all brokers are trained before they start working for us, they are familiar with the market and the specifics of real estate transactions
* we provide the following services: assistance in buying and selling living spaces and business spaces, real estate consultations, market monitoring and analysis, sale of development projects, services to investors, loan consultations
* first consultation is always free!

Real estate listings