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Sale and purchase of real estate

The sale and purchase of real estate is a complicated and time-consuming activity in which the best results are achieved by cooperating with experienced real estate brokers. Friis Kinnisvara has been helping clients sell and purchase real estate for 22 years. We have experience to share. Our service of sale and purchase of real estate includes the following: * introducing the market situation to the client, determining the correct sales price for the real estate * advising the client on preparing the real estate for sale * working out marketing plan for the real estate and discussing it with the client * organizing special sales materials (outside advertising, website), if necessary * advertising on company’s website * advertising in real estate portals * advertising in print media * targeted mailing to the clients in Friis database, direct sales * cooperation with other real estate agencies * presenting real estate to potential buyers * giving feedback on the sales process to the client * price negotiations with the buyers * fixing an agreement * setting up a meeting with the notary, presenting the transaction conditions to the notary * helping in getting the necessary documentation * meeting the notary with the client in order to secure a smooth transaction * follow-up checks regarding the meeting of the transaction conditions

We promise our buyers:

* we find more suitable offers for you than you could ever manage yourself * we draw your attention to circumstances that you would not have considered * we guarantee a safe transaction * you will find the best selection of new flats, houses and plots in various development projects via us. We save your time and money with our professional service and advice.

Renting of housing

An empty flat, house or office only increases the expenses of the owner. It would be wise to make some money off it. At the same time, many owners have bad experiences with tenants, who have disappeared with keys and things, who have not paid the rent or for public services or generated a huge phone bill. All such problems are avoidable if you involve a real estate agency into transactions. An experienced real estate broker selects the suitable tenant, advises the owner in the solving of disputes and helps to guarantee that the tenant performs his duties. Friis Kinnisvara has been marketing rental spaces since 1999. In addition to finding the perfect tentant, our services include the making of a rental contract, its signing and help in the correct transfer of the rented space. Finding a tenant is free of charge for the owner. The broker fee is paid by the tenant.

Renting of business space

The purpose of every business is to maximize income, which means that all assets (incl. rental space) need to be used as efficiently as possible. Many of the long-standing clients of Friis Kinnisvara have realized that it is better to focus on their main activity and leave the finding of tenants to specialists. This helps to guarantee: 1) optimum community of tenants 2) constant occupation of the building We provide rental services of business spaces for all types of assets: office spaces, retail spaces, service spaces, storage spaces and production spaces. If you wish, we offer our services with real estate maintenance service. Finding a tenant is free or charge for the tenant. The broker fee is paid by the owner.

The sale of development projects

We are experienced in the sale of development projects. We organized the sale of our first development project (Vahikvartal) already in 1999. Experience shows that best results are achieved by cooperation between the real estate agency and the developer already from the first phases of the project. The involvement of the real estate agency guarantees success for the project. We know what the market wants, what the competitors are up to, which the real selling pace is, etc. Success often depends on small details. We: * advise and help to come up with a concept for the project * formulate an efficient sales and marketing strategy * take care of the entire sales process (including pre-sale) * guarantee results

Monitoring and analysis of the market

Our market monitoring and analysis service gives you an overview of the current state of the real estate market and helps you pass the right decisions. The service includes: * gathering, organizing, analysis of data (according to the requirements of the client) * information in terms of various regions, asset types, projects or developers * number of offers, prices, changes * number of transactions, transaction prices, sales pace * competition analysis, poorly selling new developments To make it simple – we help a real estate investor or real estate developer to get an overview of the requirements of flats, plots or business spaces that are in demand. We compare demand and supply and give advice. We can see links between macroeconomic indicators and the developments on the real estate market.

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